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Terms and Conditions

This program offer is valid only for existing customers who have purchased a suit at one of the Enzo Custom showrooms in the past year and not to be combined with any other offer.

To participate, you can refer friends who have not previously made a purchase at Enzo Custom by sending them the personal referral link provided to you as the recipient of this invite-only offer. Each New Customer you refer who clicks on your personal referral link will receive a discount link redeemable for a Custom Shirt, as specified in and in accordance with the terms provided in the offer to the Preferred New Customer.

Once a referred new customer clicks on your personal referral link and orders their free custom shirt from Enzo Custom, we will confirm the qualifying purchase. Upon purchase completion and confirmation, you the referrer will receive a $100 gift card valid for 6 months from receipt. When the credit has been placed in your account, or a reward has been sent to you, Enzo Custom will send you an email letting you know that this action has taken place.

Referring Customers may not refer anyone who is an existing Enzo Custom customer, including an existing customer with an account under an alternate email address. You agree not to use spam or to send unsolicited emails to persons you do not personally know to collect referrals. 

You agree not to obtain referrals through any fraudulent or misleading activity (for example, by referring fake people to Enzo Custom, using false names, using multiple identities, email accounts or email addresses, impersonating another person, or otherwise providing false or misleading information, to Enzo Custom or to potential Referred New Customers) Enzo Custom may also cancel or rescind a Referring Customer's Referral Reward if Enzo Custom terminates the Referring Customer's account for any reason. Enzo Custom reserves the right to cancel or rescind a Referring Customer's Referral Reward if it determines in its sole discretion that a Referring Customer has violated these terms. Any other abuse of this Offer, as determined by Enzo Custom in its sole discretion, may result in the revocation of the referring customer's referral reward and cancellation of the Referred New Customer's discounted order, as well as a determination that either or both parties are ineligible to participate in these or future offers. Determination of referral eligibility and qualifying purchases, as well as any exceptions, are at the sole discretion of Enzo Custom. Enzo Custom reserves the right to verify and adjust referred referral rewards at any time prior to or following posting and redemption.

Neither referred nor referral rewards can be applied to previous purchases, and neither is redeemable for cash or distributed for anything else. This offer is not transferable, and is subject to modification, suspension or termination at any time without notice in Enzo Custom's sole discretion.

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Terms and Conditions